Hoop Shoot

The district Elks Hoop Shoot was held on January 12th in Freeport.

The following placed at the District Hoop Shoot and the first place winners will advance to the State contest on February 21st and 22nd.

3rd Place
Girls 8-9 Sadie Leffelman

2nd Place
Boys 8-9 Gavin Stokes 
Boys 10-11 Jett Hill           
Girls 12-13 Ava Balestri   

1st Place 
Girls 10-11 Emma Jereb   
Boys 12-13 Nicholas Olivero   

The Oglesby Elk’s Hoop Shoot was held on Sunday Dec. 8 2019 at IVCC.

The following advance to the District contest in Freeport on Jan. 12 2020.

Girls 8-9  Sadie Leffelman - Tonica
Boys 8-9  Gavin Stokes - Oglesby Lincoln
Girls 10-11  Emma Jereb - Waltham
Boys 10-11  Jett Hill - Waltham
Girls 12-13  Ava Balestri - Oglesby Washington
Boys 12-13  Nicholas Olivero - Waltham
Oglesby Lodge Member Joel Gerdovich is the Elks North West District Chair.

Elks National Hoop Shoot is a program where youths ages 8-13 participate in a free throw contest. 

Through the Hoop Shoot program, the Elks been developing and reinforcing grit for nearly 50 years—long before researchers and experts concluded that grit is so important for our children.

Basketball Hall of Fame

Each year, the names of the six national champions are inscribed in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Two of the Frank Hise National Champions are in attendance when the inductees are honored at the Enshrinement Ceremony.

Check out the Elks National Hoop Shoot official website.