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Teen of the Year Illinois Elks Association 2019 Winner was sponsored by our Oglesby Lodge!

Lisa Fultz, Teen of the Month Lodge Chair, is shown with Exulted Ruler Ken Ficek presenting a plaque to Devin Soldati. Devin is a graduate of Hall High School. Devin who is sponsored by our Oglesby Lodge was selected as Teen of the Year by the Illinois Elks Association. Devin was also valedictorian of his high school class as well as achieving Illinois State honors in track. Devin received a check for $1000 for being selected as Teen of the Year.

Teen of the Month 2019 - 2020 School Year

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Oglesby Elks Announces September Teens of the Month

The Oglesby Elks announce their September Teens of the Month, Macy Bosnich and Samuel Maschmann.

Macy, a senior at St. Bede Academy, is the daughter of Melissa and Alan Bosnich of DePue. Macy is currently 1st in her class and has been active in basketball, volleyball, student council, and Lectio Divina all 4 years. She is an Illinois State Scholar and has been on the honor roll all 4yrs.

Macy is the Vice-President of Student Council. As a senior she was also the co-captain of her basketball and volleyball teams. As a junior, Macy was the InterAct Club President. She is currently the Co-President of the Heritage Club.

She was in the Spanish Club as a freshman and sophomore and the Foreign Language Club her junior and senior years. She assisted on the Yearbook Staff as a sophomore and junior. Macy has been an Ambassador for her school since her junior year.  She is currently on the Prom Committee.  Macy also played softball her freshman year and then was on the track team her sophomore and junior years. She also enjoyed Chorus as a freshman.

Macy was awarded the Citizenship Award as a freshman, sophomore and junior. She received the English award her freshman and junior year. As a sophomore and junior she was given the Chemistry Award. Macy was also given the AP History Award her junior year. She was All-Conference Academic for basketball as a sophomore and junior and as a junior for volleyball. Macy was Most Improved in track her junior year and basketball her sophomore year. For Volleyball, she received the News Tribune All Area Third Team as a junior, Bureau County Republican Second Team her sophomore year, and Best defensive player and Most Digs her junior year. Macy also competed in the World Youth in Science and Engineering where as a junior she placed 1st in Computer Science and 3rd in Chemistry. At sectionals she place 2nd in Computer Science.

Macy volunteers in the community as well. She has helped at the DePue’s Men’s Club food stand during the DePue boat races he freshman, sophomore and junior year. She helped at the 5K race during the boat races all 4 years of high school. As a junior she helped at the Hall Township Food Pantry. She went with other St, Bede students to Kentucky on a mission trip her junior year. During her first 3 years, Macy has also helped with St. Bede’s Annual Action, basketball camp and volleyball camp.

Macy plans to attend a university and major in neuroscience and then attend medical school to become a doctor.

Samuel Maschmann, a senior at St. Bede Academy, is the son of Scott and Jennifer Maschmann of Peru. Samuel is currently 3rd in his class and is an Illinois Scholar. He has also been busy with football, Scholastic Bowl and the Bass Fishing Club all 4 years. He has also been on the honor roll his freshman through junior years.

Samuel has been active in wrestling his sophomore through senior year. He was in choir as a freshman. Samuel was in the Venturing Club during his freshman and sophomore years and then a Student Ambassador his junior and senior years.

He has been the Co-Captain of the Scholastic Bowl team these last 2 years and his team has won the regional championship all 4 years. Samuel received the Math Award his freshman and junior years. As a sophomore he was given the Spanish and World History Awards. His Bass Fishing club has competed in the regional championship. As a junior and senior Samuel competed on the WYSE team and won 3rd place in English individually while the team won the Team Championship in the regionals and sectionals.

Samuel has volunteered to help at the Youth football camp all 4 years. He was also a counselor at the Echo Bluffs camp his freshman and sophomore years.

After high school, Samuel plans to attend a 4 year university to study computer science and engineering. After college he would like to find a job as a software engineer.

Pictured Left to Right

Oglesby Elks Teen of the Month Chair Lisa Fultz
St Bede Student Samual Maschmann
St Bede Student Macy Bosnich

Oglesby Elks Announces October Teens of the Month

The Oglesby Elks announce their October Teens of the Month, Teanna Cattani and Cade Piscia.

Teanna, a senior at Hall High School, is the daughter of Kathy Cattani. Teanna is currently 9th in her class and has been active in basketball and on the honor roll all 4 years. 

She participated in Cross-Country her junior and senior years. She was a part of the track team her freshman year and volleyball her freshman and sophomore years. She was a Devilette and has been teaching their squad dances since she was a sophomore. She has won multiple Cross-Country awards including 2nd in the Three Rivers Conference meet. She was a co-captain in Basketball and Cross-Country her senior year. She was All-Conference Academic for Cross-Country her junior year. 

Teanna was the Advanced Digital Media Arts Team lead designer her junior and senior year. She was selected by administration to design/create the athletic programs and athletic posters her junior and senior years. Her junior year she was also selected to design/create the Calmone Classic printed advertisements and the North Central Bank and Spring Valley Bank advertisements for the gymnasium video board. She was selected by her peers to design a Spanish Club shirt and Envirothon shirt her sophomore year, a Prom shirt her junior year, and Homecoming shirt her senior year. 

She has been in the National Honor Society since her junior year. She was in Spanish Club her freshman and sophomore year. She was a part of Pep Club as a freshman and was on the Yearbook staff as a senior. Teanna had art published in Celebrating Art’s annual book her freshman year. She was a recipient as a junior for the NCI Artworks Mad Hatters Ball “Outstanding Student of the Arts.” Teanna received the Illinois House of Representatives Certificate of Recognition for fine arts her junior year. She was a HOBY finalist her sophomore year. She was TRAC Art Festival All-Conference her freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

Teanna volunteers in the community as well. Since her junior year she has been helping tutor other students. She helped sell raffle tickets and gave out T-shirts for the Hall football golf outing. Teanna helped once a week at Mrs. Harrison’s Hall conservation garden her senior year. She helped with the Rotary Park Music Art Festival her junior year. Teanna’s sophomore and junior year, she helped at the Wine and Art Stroll in LaSalle at Sasso’s. She has been a member of the Daughters of Revolution since her sophomore year and has been helping with their fundraisers. 

Teanna has enjoyed working at TNT Lawn care the past 2 summers. As a junior she directed a children’s painting party. She has also enjoyed creating some oil paintings for friends and to be in “The Official Christmas Elves Handbook” by Dana Cattani. She also enjoyed entering the Congressional Art Competition with inkwork.

Teanna wants to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to focus on studying and creating art. She would also like to find a job or internship in this field to gain more experience in the field. She would then like to attend graduate school to become an art therapist with her own practice.  

Cade Piscia, a senior at LaSalle-Peru High School, is the son of Rick and Stephanie Piscia. He has been on the honor roll since his freshman year. He has also been a part of the Marching band and Concert band since his sophomore year. He is also the section leader for the trombone section.

Cade was in Math Club his junior year and competed in the WYSE competition. As a senior, Cade was a part of the Link Crew that helps incoming freshmen throughout their freshmen year. He was awarded Renaissance Cards since his freshmen year. He was awarded the High Scholarship Legion his sophomore and junior years. He was also a Student Rotary attendee as a senior.   

Cade has participated in the annual Polar Plunge Actives to help raise money since his sophomore year. He has also helped with ACC Residence Wiring since his freshman year wiring a garage for a local resident.

Cade worked at Target his sophomore and junior years and has been working at AMC Theater since his junior year. He enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, hiking, swimming, and bike rides. He learned how to play intro level guitar with his dad. Cade also enjoys collecting baseball cards and sports memorabilia. 

Cade plans to attend IVCC to take classes to start his journey into becoming an electrician or electrical engineer.

Pictured Left to Right

Oglesby Elks Teen of the Month Chair Lisa Fultz
LaSalle-Peru Township High School student Cade Piscia

Pictured Left to Right

Oglesby Elks Teen of the Month Chair Lisa Fultz
Hall High School student Teanna Cattani
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